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Carton friends

character design, digital art, drawing, illustration

Sebastian is a boy from a poor family. His parents do not have enough money to buy toys for her son, so he has to tinker toys for himself. To do this, he mostly uses old cardboard boxes and other unneeded or broken everyday objects. Because of poverty he is also not able to go to school, which results in him having only a few friends.

In Sebastian's dreams he experiences adventures with his tinkered friends, which often reflect problems from everyday life. For example, if something was lost and has to be found. In his dreams Sebastian projects some characteristics of his relatives on the imagined characters. For example, Pumelio has similarities with his uncle and Elias has some with his big brother, who left home to have a better life. But his big brother is still standing with Sebastian in distress and tries everything to give him a better life.
Signarius is the deceased grandfather, who always has a good advice for him.

Carton friends


  • Little boy (8 years)
  • Poor
  • Brave
  • Bedcover as cape
  • Torn clothes
  • Dreamer, imagination
  • Escapes in an imagined reality
Carton friends


  • Courageous
  • Confident
  • Self-confident
  • Standing with Sebastian in distress
  • Uses fire as a weapon
Carton friends


  • Smals (gnome)
  • Uses a fork as weapon
  • Broad and strong
  • Physically similar to a monkey (long arms, short legs)
  • Impulsive
  • Overbearing
  • Testy
  • Protector
Carton friends


  • Wise
  • Serves as a guide in dark hours (fire)
  • Appearance and demeanor of a wizard
  • Gives hope
  • Glasses
  • Grey 'cape'
Carton friends Carton friends Carton friends Carton friends Carton friends

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