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Fa Gender

Fa Gender

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Fa is a company which sells cosmetic products such as bodywash or shampoo. After a long period of only concentrating on products for women, they launched the sub-brand 'Fa Men' in 1999. During these years Fa Men only achieved a poor market share of 1.1%. The goal of the new strategy and concept is to double the market share.


GWA junior Agency 2016: Gold
GWA junior Agency 2016: Audience Award

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The analysis shows that cosmetic products only distinguish between men an women. Another interesting fact is that many beauty products for women are now being sold as a male brand although they contain the same product. In 2016 there are many men that use differenct cosmetic products on a constant basis. Additionaly, an interesting study with young participants showed that these young people were not able to clearly classify their sexuality. This is the reason we decided to create a sub-brand that has its main focus on the complete range of all genders.

Phase 1

The concept of first phase is to tease the newly explored essence for more tolerance.

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Dr. Pride

We made up a graduated doctor called Dr. Pride who invents the new 'Gender Essence'. He is a public person and the face of this strategy. In his videos he explains different genders and how this essence can improve the world.

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To draw attention to Fa Gender, we need special PR moves which show the relevance and the benefits of the 'Gender Essence'.

Phase 2

In 'Phase 2' Fa presents its new subbrands and shows how Fa can help to make the world more colorful and peaceful.

Fa Gender Fa Gender Fa Gender Fa Gender


One of the most important things is the new product-line of Fa. We created a series of posters with the 'Fa Gender' products containing the new 'Gender Essence'. After seeing these posters people know that Dr. Pride's new 'Gender Essence' is in the new Fa products.

Fa Gender


On the website 'gender-labor.de' Dr. Pride shows his work and his rediscoveries. You can visit the 'Gender laboratory' for more fun facts or the 'Gender Wiki' if you need some serious information about genders.

Gender Wiki

Here Dr. Pride explains each of the 60 gender types in short clips.


To gain more attention, Dr. Pride uses digital platforms where he combines entertaining and informing about genders at the same time.

Fa Gender Fa Gender


In the future, you can tell this story as long as you want. Whenever there is a new idea, you can produce more content with Dr. Pride and his work. Here is an example.

Fa Gender Fa Gender Fa Gender


All information about 'Fa Gender' at one glance.

Closing words

Fa Gender. The fragrance for tolerance.

Dr. Pride has the final word. Thank You!